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We source products from major suppliers as well as local entrepenuers in order to bring you new and innovative products that you wont find elsewhere as well as your every day tackle items.

We also fill BBQ gas bottles, have Swap n Go Gas exchange bottles, a large range of frozen baits and also stock live bloodworms and yabbies.

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Glow Freaks

Glow Freaks

OM Flasher's Glow Freaks with double 7/0 hooks with lumo head and... 

How to catch Squid Using Shimano Sephia Jigs

  • Fish Donger, Waddy, Priest, Nulla Nulla - Handmade locally

    Hand Crafted locally, no two pieces are the same.

    Using recycled hardwood and tallowood each piece is unique.

    Approximate length:  35cm

    Approximate weight: 500g

    Each has a rope tether/hand hold

    Picture is for reference only.  The actual Waddy may differ slightly in size and colour.

    Fish Donger, Waddy, Priest, Nulla Nulla 
  • Rapala Crush City Soft Plastics

    Welcome to Crush City

    Winner of Australian 2023 Tackle Show Awards

    CrushCity is a destination in the mind of every angler. It’s a place where the fish are big and the bite is hot. It’s what every tournament angler lives for, and what every angler dreams of. CrushCity is a celebration of this special place where all anglers dream of setting the hook, one fish after another.

    Crush City 

    UV patterns and glow.

    • Super strong and durable TPE material.
    • Belly eyelet for additional hook placement.
    • Can be fished dead slow or fast.

    The Squidtrex is a world first in fishing tackle. Never before has there been a vibrating lure, with the design of a Squid that has both the action and durability to tackle big fish! This lure has a realistic swimming action like no other.

    • Internal weight system for fast sinking for deeper water methods.
    • Crazy vibration wobble at medium to high speeds.
    • Strong & durable - soft TPE construction.
    • Heavy duty through wire construction & heavy gauge hooks.