Collection: S Tackle Soft Plastics

The S Tackle brand proudly presents a lineup of premium fishing essentials.

Our range showcases: Slay ‘Em Soft Plastic Baits, Drop and Glow Sinkers, Hard Body Lures and Jig Heads. So, what makes S Tackle products different?

S Tackle products have been crafted with precision and passion by a local fisherman. Our range of fishing essentials are made with top-quality thermoplastic materials, ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability. Products have been tried, tested and finely tuned to ensure the best results.

All products are UV activated including our soft plastic baits, which are specifically designed to mimic the natural movement and appearance of bait fish. Whether you are a pro fisherman or fisherwoman or just a novice, these lures will be sure to help you improve your game.

As a newly crafted brand on the market, we strive to exceed expectations and provide anglers with high-performance fishing gear. Every aspect of your fishing experience is covered. Our trusted design, technology, durability, and reliability will help you tackle any fishing challenge that comes your way. 

We are a wholesale only brand. This is to encourage anglers to continue supporting our local tackle shops. As a brand, our focus is to increase foot traffic into these stores. You may purchase products in our online store and select your preferred tackle shop. Your order will then be dispatched by the shop selected (the retailer), not us (the wholesaler).

Locally tested, created and designed by local fisherman Tim Stylianou.

S Tackle has been created, extensively tested and fine-tuned by our founder, a local Gold Coast fisherman. Tim Stylianou who has over 40 years fishing experience of fishing the local waters from the creeks – to the continental shelf.

Our premium fishing tackle aim to fill the gaps and needs of the fishing industry.

S Tackle fishing products are crafted with precision, made with top-quality materials, tuned with expertise ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability, with the main goal of catching more fish.

The majority of our products are UV activated and/ or glow in the dark. As a newly crafted brand on the market, we strive to exceed expectations and provide anglers with high performance fishing tackle, taking fishing to the next level.